About Krieger & Company

Krieger & Company Inc. provides over 17 years of experience helping Canadians find creative and effective solutions to their unique debt challenges. Through a one-on-one approach, a licensed insolvency trustee works to explain all of the options available to you and provides unbiased solutions to becoming debt free.

Krieger & Company was founded to provide a comfortable and positive setting for individuals to tackle their debt and free themselves from an already difficult situation. By paying attention to the details, discovering your unique needs and responding to those needs in a warm and positive manner, we can invest our genuine, passionate energy and experience so you can seize the opportunity to be debt free.

We also make it our mission to realize our obligation to the community by actively participating in supporting various organizations and events that help to enrich and inspire the lives of other human and non-human beings.

Krieger & Company never charges for a consultation to review options.  Those options can include mortgages, refinancing, negotiating a payment plan with your creditors, debt consolidation, or our most popular solutions:


Only a Licensed Insolvency Trustee can provide the unique powers of a consumer proposal. Real protection from your creditors, Licensed credit counselling, Dealing with dissenting creditors fairly- a consumer proposal has it all. Krieger & Company is a licensed insolvency trustee that can administer these proposals and provide experience you can trust.


A fresh start for when the problem is just too big to control. Krieger & Company’s bankruptcy offerings are there to provide a flexible solution when other options have been exhausted. The Trustee’s at Krieger & Company hold your hand through the way and ensure you’re in control every step of the way.


Sometimes the solution is in your reach. The licensed counsellors at Krieger & Company can give you the tools you need to make the important decisions you need about your financial goals and help you reach them. All of our staff are licensed insolvency counsellors and there to provide the best advice for your unique situation.

About The Founder of Krieger & Company

Since 1999, Michael has devoted his life to helping honest individuals and professionals attain their goals of financial recovery, free of their debts.  Through proposals to and creative arrangements with creditors, bankruptcy, or financial counselling, he brings his 17 years of insolvency experience to assist Canadians in getting a fresh start.

Michael has built his firm on the belief that debt doesn’t just impact your pocketbook.  Debt unsettles every part of life- from relationships with family and friends, mental health, physical health and more.

Michael grew up on the heels of his father, Perry Krieger who became a Trustee in Bankruptcy in 1983 and founded Perry Krieger & Associates Inc. and whose practice successfully helped tens of thousands of individuals and businesses reach solutions to their financial struggles for over twenty-five years!

Michael grew up in Richmond Hill and lives in York Region.  He is an active member in the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce, Markham Board of Trade, Markham BPA, and a board member of the Turnaround Management Association NextGen where he helps build resources in the community to help struggling individuals.