Credit Counselling in Ontario

Teaching the tools to better manage your future

Let our professional team of licensed insolvency trustees find the perfect solution to your financial challenges.

Credit Counselling: Why choose Krieger & Company

You’re not alone.  Many Canadians are facing the same financial crisis. With mounding debt, it’s time to take control . No matter what brought you into debt, Krieger & Company can help you get out of it.  We’re ready to review all of your options via a phone call or visit to one of our offices across Southern Ontario.  Call us toll free today: 1.844.508.8088.

  • Get out of debt sooner by maximizing debt repayments and reducing interest
  • Keep all of your assets and enhance your savings
  • Improve your credit score

How It Works

Krieger & Company, a licensed insolvency trustee, conducts a full assessment of your financial situation. Krieger & Company knows debt- it’s what we do every day helping Canadian’s get a fresh start through bankruptcy, consumer proposals, and debt management plans.

Your Trustee reviews your financial situation and

  • Offers advice on how to better manage your money
  • Explains the pros and cons of all of your options
  • Helps you find areas where you are overspending or areas you may have missed
  • Reviews interest rates, loan products and your tax situation to ensure you’re minimizing your interest and maximizing your available income
  • Works with you to develop a plan for repayment of your debt, savings programs, and goals
  • Educates your spouse or children on money management so the whole household understands
  • Provides referrals to trusted and vetted professionals in your community who can offer products which accelerates reaching your financial goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Credit Counselling

What does it cost?

Credit counselling is offered per-session or per-hour depending on your preference.  Package rates are also available for regular sessions.

How Does It Affect My Credit?

Attending credit counselling has no direct impact on your credit.  Many of the solutions that we explore will work to improve your credit, reduce your debt, and make you eligible for better rates in the future.

What about confidentiality?

Everything we discuss in credit counselling is kept strictly confidential except where required by law.  The goal of credit counselling is to enhance your financial skills, and that can only happen if you are honest with both yourself and your counsellor.

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